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Is our future becoming less free? A course on recent audio-visual history

Learning Objectives: -Examine and utilize a variety of information/media exchange systems (bit torrent, social media, file sharing, forums) -Examine audience trends with pirate media or non-standard distribution systems (legal torrents, YouTube trends) -Understand and explore the impacts of the legal systems surrounding copyright -Develop an understanding of new technologies and their relationship to the multimedia they create -Have an understanding of the synergistic relationship between content creators and consumers and the idea of the “prosumer” Class 1: Avatars and Simulacrum 1 Watch: Surrogates (Mostow, 2009) Read: 1) Weisbuch, Max, Zorana Ivcevic, and Nalini Ambady. ... "RIAA, MPAA, and the Digital Piracy Issue: Comparing Public Relations Strategies and Effectiveness" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, Sheraton New York, New York City, NY, <Not Available>. 2009-05-25 Week 11: Copyright, copyleft Watch: Good Copy, Bad Copy (Johnson, Christensen, Moltke 2007) Read: Pouwelse, J., P.

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Class 4: Simulated Realities

While I personally feel that cyberpunk is a very interesting genre because of its depictions of humans interacting with virtual spaces, the only cyberpunk film that I included in my syllabus was the Spanish film Sleep Dealer (2009). ... Digitextuality is an amalgam of this concept, fused with the understanding that digital media is breaking off from traditional media, and new media is being constructed and used in different ways than traditional media was.

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