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Studio Compression at ATAM Productions: Liquid Mix vs Duende Native Review

(I'm not including the native Ableton and Logic compressors, but they get a bit of use too) The Liquid Mix is a convolution compressor and equalizer that I purchased for my studio about 6 months ago. ... All of the emulation names have been modified for example "BRIT DESK 2/BRIT CLASSIC DESK 2" is modelled on the compressor section of an SSL SL 4000 G+ console and "ZEBRA 2 / US ZEBRA DISCRETE DESK COPY EQ" is based on the Chandler Limited Passive TG Channel MkII Abbey Road Special Edition EMI Equalizer.

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Twitter for Bands: My experiences

In May of 2011 I first started to try and actively get more Twitter followers and maintain that "Follower Momentum." The plan was to follow possible fans and then hope that they follow me back. It seems obvious then: that the more work you do selecting who you follow, the more success you will have in connecting with true fans. In this article I'm going to explain some of the process I went through and my results.

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