SOLVED: Sierra/iOS 10 Handoff problems

OS X Sierra and iOS 10 shown on a MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone

Handoff has been completely broken for 3-4 months.

Since upgrading to Sierra and iOS 10 I've been having serious issues with Handoff. It just simply doesn't work at all.

As a software developer I'm always excited to troubleshoot a problem. Even the simplest solutions can teach me about areas I was previously blind to. With Apple problems I usually search google, then find a forum with an adequate solution. We know Google can  know which pages are most popular, therefore the correct solution. If a user stops searching after reading the first result, they know it was the right result.

This issue was different.  None of the early, or reliable links worked.

Most solutions involve starting from the ground up and signing out, signing in, restarting the devices etc. But trying all these didn't work.

In the end, here was my winning combination:

  • Airplane mode was off. 
  • Bluetooth was on.
  • Wifi was on, they are joined the same network.
  • I disabled handoff on the PC and iOS, restarted the devices.
  • iTunes and iCloud accounts were the same, previously I had used a separate iCloud and iTunes appleID - I think this was the kicker for me.
  • Some of these steps turned off handoff on my Mac, I had to enable it. 

Now everything works! I was really confused since my devices totally met the requirements