Do we need to stop being good analytical thinkers because we're dealing with technology? I don't think so and I'm always wary for misleading analysis.

I recently read a five point article online from Information Week supporting their earlier criticism on the Apple Obsolescence Debate (something one doesn't experience if you're upgrading constantly I guess)

The main part that irked me was the subtitle "More Analysis Please, Fanboys" which the article failed to provide. . .

You can look up the original article here below I have provided the titles and my analysis

1. MobileMe vs. iCloud.
This argument regards web services, this is like Google dictating the system requirements for gmail, assuming gmail had some new upgrade coming.

Also, I think its a fair move for Apple to force the transition, iCloud is now a free service, yet it requires billions of dollars of investment and infrastructure. This may not be the best solution for enterprise. Thats not what they're trying to do though!

Apple can't keep supporting MobileMe and my feeling is that on a programming level the calendar "object" is being changed to no longer include reminders since this will be a separate app in future releases.

I'm not sure I agree with using a free service for your vital info like contacts and contacts; if it doesn't work you can't complain to anybody. And by the way, what IT service was using MobileMe / iCloud?!?!

Overall my experience with it so far has been pretty great so if one day iCloud stops serving my needs I haven't paid anything for it. I could always implement some other solution.

2. Dock rumour.
Difficult to address the significance of this point since it hasn't occurred, but if (or when) they do remove the dock connector it will be the first time they changed it for ages.

I agree with the comments that the current dock port has been around a long time. I just hope that if/when Apple changes the dock, it delivers the promised value.

My feeling is that they are waiting until induction-charging technology is developed to the point where there is no need for a cable at all. The latest iOS introduced wifi-sync for devices which is the first step.

3. Conflict Of Interest.
I'm certain he doesn't have a conflict of interest, but he has limited his analysis to less salient points. I feel he's over blown the importance of iCloud transition especially considering he's comparing a paid service ($99 a year) to a free service with paid advantages (more GB)

4. Lifecycle.
Absolutely, this is a valid criticism. They are a for-profit technology company that isn't going bankrupt, expect to pay for that in the product and stock, and expect loud-mouthed fools the champion it because its the premium choice. But in fairness they deliver a solid product, they're trying to innovate at a pace thats faster than usual.

5. Our "Inflammatory" Headline.
C'mon its a news post, he's allowed to have inflammatory headlines, and besides its usually the editors choice.

That wraps up my thoughts and opinions.

Do you disagree in any way? Continue the discussion below