Hey there everyone, I don't often review software,
but I have been using this program to combat RSI for a couple years.

As a producer, I am often sitting in front of the computer in the studio for many hours without a break. Some days I work many hours on the computer in a row, and other days my work is quite varied so I need a solution to keep an eye on my ergonomics while I get lost in my workflow. Enter Breakz, my Personal Ergonomic Assistant.

Breakz 5 used to be called MacBreakz and it is basically a program that reminds me to take regular breaks. While this may seem superfluous since I could just set a timer, the software actually monitors what sort of activity I am doing. This means that if I take a short break it will remove this from the time-to-next-break.

I have found that the program really suits my style since it monitors my keyboard and mouse use and suggests rest time regularly. It also suggests some great stretches that I can do any time.

Check out this software below:
Download the latest version of Breakz from the App Store