My conversations this evening with EA Games went something like this:

E.S..: Hi, my name is E.S... How may I help you?
You: I recently got a new Macbook Pro, and now I need to reinstall the sims 3, my question is can I have my account switched to a Mac version to re install on my new machine?
E.S..: you have the Sims 3 Mac physical disc, and you want to know if you can install it on a new computer?
You: I have the sims 3 for PC via download
You: and now I'm not using windows on my new machine, it does not have it.
E.S..: Unfortunately, there would not be a way to cross sync them on different formats
You: so are you saying the only way this would work is if I re purchase the sims for mac, and all the expansions?
E.S..: correct
You: well that's a waste of money, I can see why America has experienced a recession.

Well at least he was able to give me a straight answer. And really, I can see why its their policy, but if I wanted I could just keep installing this on as many PC's as I get, so I dont know why a shift in OS is a radical issue for the software maker, as long as I dont keep switching every week!

Well I'm digging out my bootcamp and XP discs . . . and I'm not happy about it