Sébastien Léger at Kings
Image by Romain Heuillard via Flickr

I have been a fan of Sebastien Leger for a while now. I first wrote about his remix of Manson, The People last September.

Even before that I did a quick tech blog post showing him mixing some stuff in Ableton for his live show. In fact it sounds very similar to this song Plik Plok.

I really love the minimal feel of this. It still has very prominent sonic elements; this song fills your speakers out! What's great about this song is its very DJ friendly. If you love electronic music this is the type of track you could play as a loop in your set and add SO much in terms of effects. Reverbs, Delays and a few glitch and volume modulation effects and you've got a banging live remix of this track . . . in the right hands of course!

There is a huge bass line that might get in the way. If you killed the bass all that would be left would be the high pitched pattern, instant DJ TOOL! Also, the did I mention that the percussion sounds really great?

What more can I say, Seb Leger tu l'avez fait trés bien!

Check out the song on YouTube below and support this artist on Beatport, iTunes etc! (and the audiophile in me also screams; BUY THE WAV not the MP3!! but thats a whole other problem)

Updated with YouTube video: