Day Hacker is a new EDM production outfit from Canada and if you haven't heard their energetic Zero One stop what you're doing and start playing it right now:


This five piece, synth band has created a high-octane, Moog-heavy EP. The entire album was recorded in just under 30 hours, all at the office during the work week! The EP blasts off with techno spaceship. This fun synth jam is a perfect taste of what the album has to offer.

At we really love a continuous album. An album should be a start-to-finish experience, but this is becoming exceptionally rare in our current, single-driven music industry.

Zero One delivers on the continuous album with a couple of great segue tracks, the second song grasshopper segue is a seamless transition in bpm to the next song.  Peppered drone is another deep, head banging EDM track. The MPC beats really pierce through the speakers on this one, it had us turning it up in the studio.

Shephard Tone is named after the "sonic barber pole" type of audio effect which runs through the interlude track.  During the whole track the synth sounds as if its about to land, but never quite reaches its lowest point.

Rounding out the EP is organic music box, a lush, atmosphere filled acoustic landscape of gears, reverb and delay. The intro builds up gently to a shrieking synth and MPC jam for the final few minutes. 

The entire EP has also been mixed into a continuous mix which seamlessly transitions for just a hair under 24 minutes.